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Our Association


As the landscape of the Podcasting world keeps getting bigger and bigger and becoming more accepted in mass media the association was conceived to add a place for podcasters to turn for resources, connections, ideas and networking. There will be an annual convention for WI podcasters to learn how to expand their audiences and income. The award show will give the credit where it is due for the hard work of day in and day out work on our podcasts. The WPA will also provide a place to access show prep services and discounted promotional items.


Who We Work With


The WPA can provide a connection for our members to some of the best and most cutting edge promotional items on the market today which will help get the name of your podcasts and network all over Wisconsin. The best way to market your podcast is with great content and connections with your audience via social media in which the WPA has some of the best and most up to date professionals in social media. Running short on topics and show content? The WPA can connect you to some of the best and most current show prep service in the country. Needing studio space or studios to record your podcasts can always be a problem. The WPA is connected all over the state to insure your podcasts get are published on a timely basis. Lastly, we will offer a form in which members can interact and get advice on all things podcasting.


Want to be Connected Today?


The WPA offers many different levels of memberships depending on your needs. From veterans just making basic connections to other podcasts and podcasters to those that are just starting out and are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start we want to connect all podcasts in Wisconsin. Just click “subscribe here” and start your WPA membership today!


Why Podcasting is Booming in Wisconsin


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